How to get the Dream Job?

For a long time, I was not aware of the secret to getting a Dream Job in any industry. I am thankful to my Mentor who showed me the path and helped me to find the secret to find the Dream  Job in any industry and let me tell you “Practise makes a Man Perfect”.

Practice is the KEY to success.

You can clear any interview if you are well prepared before the interview.

Let’s see some important factors to take care of before applying for the job.

1- Resume: Spend a lot of time customizing your Resume. It is the most important document to get any Job.

2- Online Presence: You must be searchable or googleable in this online world. This is the most important factor to make yourself a Brand. Think about this; let’s search your own name today in Google and see how does it feel if you can find yourself on the first page itself. Your Online Presence adds the cherry to the cake in the hiring process.

3- Personal Experience: You can not stop yourself without answering the most common question “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF”. If your elevator pitch for 60 seconds is ready to answer this then you can create a great impression in the eyes of a recruiter. Plus your personal Background, Experience, Awards can be relatable to the organization’s vision.

4- Awareness: You should be 100% short in your mind that the industry you are applying to is your profitable and desirable industry. You can not say during the interview “I have no knowledge about the industry I am applying”.

Once you are sorted with the Industry then go ahead and prepare the list of organizations that is your Dream organization and align those organizations with your knowledge and Company vision.

5– Research: Do proper research before actually going for the interview. You should know more than the person on the other side if it comes to share about the organization.

6- PreparationPractice, Practice, and Practice.

Prepare well for the interview. You can create a group of friends and start practicing for the interview. Do maximum Mock Interview.

7- Follow Up– Follow-up is the key to get the offer. Do Proper follow-up.

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