How to go for a Job Search during this Pandemic especially if you’re a recent Graduate?

How to go for a Job Search during this Pandemic especially if you’re a recent Graduate?

If you are a recent graduate and thinking about getting a job then keep reading. 

A few ideas:

  1. Have patience and keep trying, Never give up, and don’t be desperate for the JOB. You will get rewarded at the right time.
  2. Build up your digital skills: Learn to master Zoom breakout rooms, take courses in data science, make sure you’re up to date on Teams, Slack, and other tools that are widely used for virtual collaboration.
  3. Attend virtual events: Organizations everywhere are trying to find their footing in the virtual programming space. Virtual conferences, webinars, twitter chats, etc. Identify the places you want to work, attend their events, and engage as much as you can.
  4. Engage with their social media: Even if you’re not a social media wiz, read through their feeds, familiarize yourself with their programs/messaging, comment,s etc.
  5. Be flexible and adaptable: Organizations everyone are struggling with vast amounts of change and uncertainty in the COVID era. It is not business as usual. Be prepared to shift your expectations and find ways to demonstrate that you can adapt to them.

What am I missing? What other advice would you have for recent grads? What are you finding works or doesn’t in this new era?

I know it’s hard out there in the job search.

Best of luck everyone and I’ll keep posting openings/insights to support you.

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