Let Me Help You find your Dream Job.

Hi, I’m Aamar Srivastava and I’m on a mission to help 1,00,000 Jobseekers to get the Dream Job in less than 90 days without depending on Online Job Portals using Dream Job Blueprint.

How you can benifit

I help Jobseekers to get the Dream Job in less than 90 days or less Even if you are a complete beginner.

I Coach.

Being a Career Coach I work with Corporates, Government bodies, and educational institutions.

Helping Students and Job seekers to get the Desired Career Growth with Step by Step Blueprint.

I Speak.

As a Mentor, I started my Journey with Mentor2Go Trust and today I Mentored more than 4K+ students to achieve career clarity in their career paths.

I Train.

As a Trainer, I have the expertise to work with Educational institutions to Train the Students in areas covering Hard Skills and Soft Skills to grow in their carer.

Need Advice?

I know exactly how it feels when someone listens to you at times of distress, confusion, and restlessness without any judgment, with an open mind & heart!
I’m all ears to your distresses, fears,  confusions of life on a 1-to-1 basis & suggest solutions to get back your career in better shape!

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My e-Books & Courses

Grab your complimentary copy of the Dream Job Description eBook.

Get the complete detail about the mind-blowing step-by-step Solution of Dream Job Blueprint.


“I Would Like to Recommend Amar Pratap Srivastava, Career Coach as he helps People to Redefined and Achieved their Professional objective.  Apart from being a Good professional Person, He is a Very Good Man at heart as he is also associated with Non Profit organizations i.e Sahyog Foundation Which Supports  Millions of helpless  People in the field of Education. Thank you!!”

Kapil K Bhatiya (Sales Manager)

My Story

I am a Master of Professional and Career Transformation. I am  on a mission to help 1,00,000 Job seekers to Achieve Career Growth. I am an Expert  in Career Phycology (Certified Coach from  ICCC and Career Development college of London) who not only delivers insight, tool tactics for career growth but also works deep on people’s beliefs and emotions to bring instant change and lasting transformation.

From being born and brought up in the small town of UP, Studying in state-run Hindi medium schools and facing so many hardships to International Career Coach, social media influencer with viewership in 7 countries, successful entrepreneur and sought after speaker, Trainer and Coach, He embodies huge personal transformation with his own life. His extensive experience combined with a large collection of personal transformation tools always inspires and empowers every audience to be it corporate employees, university students, or entrepreneurs.