About Amar Pratap

My Story

Master of Professional and Career Transformation. Amar Pratap is on a mission to help 1,00,000 Job seekers to Achieve Career Growth. Amar Pratap is an Expert in Career Phycology (Certified Coach from ICCC and Career Development College of London) who not only delivers insight, tool tactics for career growth but also works deep on people’s beliefs and emotions to bring instant change and lasting transformation.

From being born and brought up in the small town of UP, Studying in state-run Hindi medium schools and facing so many hardships to International Career Coach, social media influencer with viewership in 7 countries, successful entrepreneur and sought after speaker, Trainer and Coach, He embodies huge personal transformation with his own life. His extensive experience combined with a large collection of personal transformation tools always inspires and empowers every audience to be it corporate employees, university students, or entrepreneurs.

Amar Pratap is the founder of Sahyog Charitable Foundation and Co-Founder of Dream Career Hub.

DCH is an Organization that focuses on Coaching, Training, and Development for Job Seekers.

In the early days over a decade ago I was struggling to find a Job in any Industry. Left home in 2008 and went to Kanpur to do some kind of Job. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any job because I didn’t have any degree. Started working in a call center for the night shift and I had a Dream to do MCA but due to lack of money, I was not able to think about what to do. Joined NIMS Coaching classes and started preparing for MCA entrance Exams. In Day time I was focusing on Coaching to get the knowledge of MCA Entrance as well as started taking tuitions classes for 9th and 10th class students.

Finally, I was able to clear the Exam with All INDIA 6th Rank in UKTU in 2009 .

3 years went really nice and at the time of Campus Placement, I had been rejected due to 10th Class Marks. But I had not given up. Came out of the college and gave more than 100 off-campus interviews.

Feedback & Reviews

Amar Pratap is loved by people all over the world. Created Multiple Success Stories in multiple countries.

“He is one of the great mentors I ever met, He helps everyone guiding them, motivating them, and supporting them & I am grateful to be guided under him.”

Hemant Singh

Project Assistant- IIT Roorkee

“It has been always pleasure to talk to you and get career guidance as and when required. Your up to technical knowledge is really amazing and the kind of positivity you implant to people is outstanding.
Thanks to your all your support so far.”

Vivek Pandey

Project Manager- Tata Communications

“When no one was there, Amar sir was there. He is a very intelligent, energetic, and helpful person.

Helping people is a gift of God and you have that gift. Thanks a lot for always giving support “

Neeraj Pandey

Cloud Engineer- News Corp

What Can I Do for You?

I can help you to decide the career goal and help you to achieve the Goal with complete Handholding. 

I’m a public speaker who has been nominated in Success Gyan’s NEW Reality Show “INDIA’s NEXT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER “.

I can help you to improve your communication skill, which is the best tool considered in any Interview.

I work with the Career Development College of London to sharpen the Career Growth and interview skill in multiple countries.

I firmly believe that the right words, tools, techniques, and processes can bring instant results and lasting transformation. Being an international Career Coach I have already trained 4000 individuals in the past 5 years, I have developed tools and processes that every training/speech brings mind-blowing results and transformation.

I know first-hand the overwhelm and frustration of the job search. For the past 5 years, I’ve taught thousands of students how to build their personal brand so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

Since 2017, I’ve started helping people with career guidance.  I work one-on-one with my client’s helping them find a career that brings true happiness and fulfillment.

I am most active on my YouTube channel where I publish videos every week about career guidance and new business development.

Need Advice?

I know exactly how it feels when someone listens to you at times of distress, confusion, and restlessness without any judgment, with an open mind & heart! I’m always open to listen your distresses, fears, anxieties, confusions of life on a 1-to-1 basis & suggest solutions to get back your Career Goal in a better shape.